Stephen Kolia is the Founder & Director of Sharon Prayer Fellowship & Ministries (SPFM). Kolia Stephen is the Lead Pastor of Sharon Church, Nacharam. He was born and brought up in a Hindu family. At the age of 14, he came to know about Jesus Christ through Graham Staines, an Australian missionary who served in the land of Baripada, Odisha and was martyred for Christ. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in ministry in Operation Mobilization Organization and his passion includes teaching, preaching and church planting. He and his wife Nayomi Stephen have worked for an organization named Amar Jyothi India for 8 years. Their ultimate passion towards His kingdom and the call of God has led them to start their own independent ministry in the year 2000. Today, Stephen and his wife work among the needy, destitute and down trodden people living in the slums of Indiranagar, Nacharam. It’s been 16 years so far and they both have been striving hard to build people lives and their families. Stephen and his wife are blessed with two adult daughters, son in law and a grand daughter and they make their home in Nacharam.



Gabriel Ganta is the Executive Pastor at Sharon Church. In that role, he serves as the chief of staff and brings leadership to all of our adult people and also is a part of preaching team. He has been in the ministry for the past 25 years and serving the Lord faithfully. He and his wife Jyothi work for Vishwa Vani Organization and have a strong burden for the perishing souls which enables them to reach out to people and to share about Christ’s love. He has Masters degree in Ministry and pursuing Doctorate as of now. He has a passion for learning the word of God more which has equipped him to pursue Doctorate studies and also teaching it to the people. Gabriel and his wife have two daughters and a son. They live Kushaiguda, ECIL.



Pothraj Samruddi serves as an Exectuive Pastor at Sharon Church since past 7 years. He hails from an orthodox Hindu family and to came to know about the love of Christ in his teen age. Since the day he was baptized and accepted Jesus as his personal savior and Lord, his passion was to share the good news to others who are hunger for peace and to know the true God in their lives. This passion has ultimately led him to do his theological studies from Bharat Bible College and led him for evangelism. He oversees the bible study classes, preaching, teaching and evangelism. Thus, empowering the church to grow in His word day by day. Samruddi and his wife Shobha have two beautiful daughters and they live in Bodduppal, Hyderabad.



Premasis Satman is the Project Director and Associate Pastor at Sharon Church. As Project Director, he oversees the administrative side of the Church, including the finances, projects, operations, facilities and child care program. As Associate pastor, he is part of the preaching team with Pastors Stephen, Gabriel and Samuruddi. He worked for various organizations & Multinational Companies as a Web & graphic designer, accountant, tech support executive and programmer. During this time, he eventually developed a strong passion for evangelism, out reaches and for the children & youth ministry. He is a COO of Trichos Hair Transplant Institute Pvt. Ltd. and has extensive experience as a manager. He also travels several times a year training leaders, conducting workshops in youth conferences and equipping the teens, youth to grow in the word of God. He has passion for God’s word so, he dramatically demonstrates his messages to people so that they would understand easily and also can feel the story told. This has really shown a great impact on the slum people to build up their faith in Christ. He has been happily married to Deepakshi Satman since 2011. They have an adorable daughter Arlene. Premasis enjoys playing guitar, biking, reading and designing.



Deepakshi Satman serves on our Executive team overseeing the fund raising, child care projects, women’s ministry, communication and skill development training. She has been serving at Sharon Church since 15 years and has made an impact in people’s lives. She has led the women through many areas of their spiritual growth and teaching them how to empower themselves in Christ.

She has been emphasizing on the communication skills and skill development among children and youth. Conducted various workshops and teaching sessions to train them for excellent communication as well personality development. As a result, many youth have been able to achieve what they ever dreamt of.
Her passion is to teach about Jesus and His love especially among the children and which has ultimately led her to start Child care Center in Nacharam. Here, children not only get education values and nutritious food, they are taught about Jesus love and the stories from Bible.

This has made an impact on some of the children and they were happy to know that Jesus loved them so much and gave His life for them.

She is happily married to her husband Premasis since 2011 and has a beautiful daughter Arlene. If you were to ask Deepakshi what she loves the most about being a leader in ministry she would answer, “To see people recognizing God given talent within themselves and able to serve the Lord and to know how they are called to grow even more in Christ every day!”



Elizabeth is the Children’s Coordinator/Accountant at Sharon Church. She oversees the children ministry, programs and events from children aged birth to 14 years. She has a strong passion to reach out to children and families in our community and present the life-changing message of Jesus in fun and interesting ways.
She did her master’s in Business Management and Accounts so, she takes care of the church accounts as well maintaining up to date records.

Her hobbies include teaching keyboard, cooking, writing articles and stories.